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יום שני, 26 בספטמבר 2011

New Year's Musings

It's R'H minus 1. I'm in the Panic Zone.

Last night was all about cooking. Today after work, will be all about cleaning. And more cooking. And probably shelling out some more shekola for finishing touches which were forgotten, probably because the holiday bill  thus far was making my heart palpatate.

Tomorrow will be all about... feeling the holiday. Before Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, there's that 'special holiday feeling'. It's the smells of the holiday food, the pomegranates being shucked by my father in law, the clean house, the togetherness of family. And I start feeling the holiday. The newness. The New Year.

Saturday night, it'll all be over. I will have prayed (as best as I can with a three year old to care for) and heard the shofar (as best as I can with a three year old to care for). We will have consumed those meals which are now frozen. The house will be in disrepair. But the Jewish New Year will have begun.  G-d will have heard our prayers... 'please give me health'... 'please let me find my husband/wife'.... 'please bless me with a child'... 'please bless me with another child'... 'give us parnassa this year'... 'help us...'. 

May we enjoy all the unique smells, tastes, and feelings of the holiday. May we enjoy the togetherness of family and close friends. And may our prayers be  answered. Shana tova :)

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